Success Story

Al-Masoudi fulfills his ambitions

He joined King Khalid University - College of Applied Medical Sciences, Khamis Mushait, in 2013 and graduated in 2017

e-Learning Unit

The unit's mission is to contribute effectively to empowering the college and its employee and students to achieve their academic needs using the tools, practices, and environment provided by e-learning.


All E-services

All KKU electronic services is available under this link

Success Story

Al-Shahrani A journey of seriousness and hard work to a success.

Dr. Abdullah Mubarak Al-Shahrani from a student in the college to dean of the college a struggle, seriousness and hard work to achieving ambition and reaching success.

Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health aims to qualify professional specialists and researchers in the fields of public health and community health, who can plan and implement health programs, evaluate health programs, manage health services in disasters and epidemics, and set health policies through stimulating the energies of society through community partnership and advanced scientific research.

Bachelor of Public Health

The program aims to qualify students to become specialists in the fields of public health with skills that will help them develop and present health programs in various fields of public health and community health. The program also prepares graduates to work in the public and private sectors in areas of public health and community health such as environmental health and occupational safety, health management and health economics, epidemiology and nutrition.

Diploma of Public Health

Diploma of Public Health is a professional diploma with a study period that contains four semesters and aims to qualify male and female graduates to work in the professions licensed to them as health monitors who have the ability to identify, deal with and prevent influencing factors and infectious diseases within health facilities, in the areas of infection control, food safety, Environmental health and safety, pest control and all areas related to public health and community health.