Vice Deanship for Female Section


It is concerned with the full supervision of all issues related to the affairs of female students during their higher studies, by providing the services they need, most notably:

  • Coordinating with the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies regarding female student affairs.
  • Welcoming female students and supporting them in addressing their academic requirements.
  • Follow up the registration of academic schedules in the Graduate Studies Building.
  • Planning for the development of graduate programs within the membership of the Standing Committee for Postgraduate Programs and Plans.
  • Preparing and updating guides and forms for the initiation and development of graduate programs.
  • Monitoring the accomplishment of the tasks assigned to the Vice Deanship's (female section) units and supervising their work.
  • Supervising the activation of quality systems in all activities of the Deanship towards achieving its vision, mission, and objectives.
  • Coordinating with Vice Deans of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in the colleges regarding the training needs and academic support for both male and female graduate students.
  • Developing the guides and electronic Deanship forms and updating the instructions in collaboration with the Vice Deanships.
  • Preparing periodic reports for the Deanship in collaboration with the Vice Deanships.